What is WODstock?

WODstock is the largest CrossFit competition series in South East Queensland. We provide unique and innovative events to the fitness community from grassroots levels through to elite athletes. Come and join us online or in person at one of our series events. 

WODstock is powered by a team of Directors -  Justin Williams, Sal Ernest, and Drew Griffith (CrossFit Broadbeach).

The Directors work hard to improve the series every year to ensure that WODstock is one of the most enjoyable and inclusive competitions in Australia.  WODstock caters to all athletes; from athletes trying out competition for the first time to elite level athletes looking for a challenge.

Whether you are an athlete, a volunteer or a spectator we look forward to welcoming you into the WODstock community. 

WODstock - Making Good Times Happen


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WODstock: The idea...

When CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman visited Australia in February 2012 he left many Crossfitters with a profound message...

"This is bigger than us".  

When Glassman spoke at the 2012 Crossfit Tour about many things CrossFit, the standout topic for several box owners was his presentation on CrossFit HQ and other affiliates, and their involvement with Koins for Kenya. Touched by the dire need to help, and inspired by the example of CrossFit making a difference in the broader community, these box owners began to discuss how they could harness the power of the growing CrossFit Community in their area. 

From these discussions the idea to join forces and deliver a world first competition series, WODstock, was born. Its purpose: to raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves and to give back to the community.


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The Results.....

In 2012 WODstock delivered five events across South East Queensland. The spirit of spreading good will through good times was taken up with enthusiasm by entrants and supporters, and interest grew as the series progressed.

View the full story in the CrossFit Journal here

In 2012 WODstock donated USD$15,000 to build a school in Dzivani, Kenya.

In 2013 WODstock decided to channel their energy into the local community and each affiliate selected a cause close to their heart.  Over four events, the 2013 series supported the Weekend to Cure Women's Cancers, A brighter Future (supporting children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders), and Sonja Macfarlane (a Sunshine Coast resident who suffered devastating injuries during a fall at Mount Coonowrin in May 2013)

The Series Donated $35,000 which was distributed amongst the three causes.

This included an incredible donation of $5,000 from Greg Glassman and CrossFit HQ.

In 2014 WODstock poured it's efforts into raising money for the Brisbane based charity, Street Swags. The Charity produces low cost bedding - a unique, portable swag of its own design - to provide a simple but effective aide to enhancing the safety and well being of individuals and families living on the streets.

WODstock donated $25,000 for Street Swags, enough to produce over 300 life saving Street Swags.



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